Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Rustic" Curtain Rod

Today I finished another project - a curtain rod! I really like it.

It all started with a branch.Last month, we had a bad storm here in Oklahoma that took down a lot of trees. I found a branch that I really liked and Patrick dragged it home for me. After sawing it to size, and cutting off the branches - leaving small nubs for embellishment - we sanded down the branch. This was the really hard part. It made for a good together project, though. Patrick did most of the sanding. My wrist just didn't have the strength.

After using the coarse sanding paper, we should have used the finer one to get everything even. With the move looming ahead, we didn't have time or the patience, so it's not quite perfect.

Originally, I intended to spray paint it white, for kind of a modern rustic feel. Instead, we ended up going with a metallic bronze color. It looks really great with the new curtains!

The spots that aren't even and needed an extra sanding are a little darker than the rest, but it doesn't look bad. This was a really fun and gratifying project.

Here is the rod with the light teal curtains we purchased for our new place.
 I think the two together are really great. The rod lends a modern edge to the somewhat old-fashioned curtains (thermal curtains, by the way!).
The length of the branch

A close up of the color. It's a little more shiny than it appears here.

The spray paint! This paint was on the pricier end (It was close to $7, whereas most of the others were around $3) but I really liked it and am certain I will use it again in the future!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Disappointed Stencils

I finally finished one of my projects. The others are 98% done, and I either don't have the time, the space, or the supplies necessary right now. The Huz and I are in the process of moving, so it's a bit crazy around here. Anyway, here's what I have been working on the past couple of days:

Sorry for the bad photo. Using my cell phone for pictures for now.

I used mod podge to attach Brother and Sister fabric to canvas. I then used a Show Offs stencil for the image, which I painted with Viridian Hue acrylics. 

I ran into some issues with this. First, anytime I glue or tape anything, dog hair inevitably ends up in it. So I mod podged the fabric before attaching it so I could cut it without frays, and got dog hair in it. It also dried somewhat wrinkly, so it's not entirely smooth on the canvas. Unless you get up close to it, though, you can't see the wrinkles or the dog hair. *phew* 

The other issue was the stencil. It wouldn't lie flat no matter what I did, so I couldn't get clean lines. I ruined a canvas on my first attempt (will be able to reuse it though). The second time around, I traced the stencil with pencil first and then painted everything by hand. The 176 coats required took FOREVER and is not as clean as a stencil would have been. Needless to say, I am not as satisfied as I should be, given the labor input and quality output.

I love the project idea though and think it makes for cool art. I'll definitely try it again in the future!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Dodgy Beginnings

Well here I am, starting a blog. I've actually had it anonymously for a while but that was somewhat boring, so now I'm going public.

Lately my life has been filled with crafts, and I'd like for this to continue consistently. I'm not very good yet. I'm learning how to make things like a mad woman, though, and can hardly complete a project before moving on to the next. I am way too excited.

Right now I am working on paper flowers, two blankets, and several paintings. I have more ideas floating around in my head. I'd like to blog about the things I make and cool projects I find online.

So here goes nothing!