Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paula Deen and My New Place

I have an obsession with Paula Deen furniture. Not that we can afford it. But it's just so darn pretty! I mean, look at this bed!
Look at those slats! *drool*
And check out all the storage in this desk...
I just might cry.
Don't get me started on her kitchen utensils...

In other news, we recently (one week and one day ago) moved out of our two bedroom rental house with zero closets where the second bedroom was simply storage, into a larger two bedroom apartment with enormous closets where the second bedroom is my craft/animal room. And the closets have to hold all of our stuff. It's been a challenge. So much work, in  fact, that I haven't had the spirit to craft much. I would rather sit in a vegetative state and watch Heartland on Netflix. I haven't even been able to make much of an effort to spiff the place up. But yesterday I was informed that school starts the week after next, and if we are wanting to have a house warming party, I better get on it. So I will. Any day now. 

Before I post any pictures of the apartment itself, let me show you a few of my favorite things...(the kitchen will not be included in this. Ugly, ugly thing.)

This is our new quilt! It came from Target. It was on clearance, so I couldn't resist.

Yesterday, two of these owls randomly appeared on my dresser. The huz snuck into Hobby Lobby and bought these for me while I was perusing their crafty isles. Hobby Lobby has a TON of owl stuff for fall right now. Plates, napkins, aprons.... they are hard to resist. I am not sure where these little guys are going to end up yet. I have too many nick knacks. 

I need some advice on how to throw things out, lest I become like one of those people on the hoarding show....


  1. Wow. I've never seen Paula Deen furniture before and it's gorgeous!

    As for throwing out stuff, my mantra is to not throw good space after bad money. I've come to realize that holding on to it doesn't make it a good purchase.

    Thanks for popping by my blog - after at least a decade of red hair, punctuated by months of blackish brown, I've returned to my blonde roots. It's fun to change things up every now and then :-)

  2. I had no idea she had a line of furniture! Gorgeous!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your ubber sweet comment :D I would totally recommend hitting up Goodwill for frames! I've also hit up estate and garage sales. You can usually find a bunch of the elaborate gold ones like mine that I sprayed white. Have fun!


  3. The furniture is very pretty! But I would not buy it because it says Paula Dean. I also don't buy anything that says Rachel ray or what was the lady's name that had to go to jail? I forgot. But i love the quilt!!! And that my son-in-law got you those owls is sweet. BIG brownie point!

  4. Love the quilt. Love it. Did I mention, it is fantastically lovely? and that I love it? I hadn't heard of Paula Deen furniture until she was on Design Star. It seems nice. I'm afraid to look at the price tag.

  5. Let's just say, her night stands alone cost over $500. Sad, so sad.

  6. I like Paula Deen's style. The bird quilt is really cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Welcome to the world of blogging. I'll be watching you.