Thursday, February 23, 2012

Burp cloths from Cloth Diapers

A crafty friend of my mom's showed me some burp cloths that she made from cloth diapers. She is expecting her first granddaughter so she made some girl themed ones for her, and some boy themed ones for me. How sweet of her! They are super cute too.

So I decided to make use of my fabric scraps and jazz up the hand me down burp cloths we had. 

This has to be the easiest project ever and great for a beginner like me. All it takes is a prefolded diaper, which can be purchased cheaply from Walmart, and some cute fabric. You can add ribbons or ric rac as embellishment. I cut my fabric two inches longer and wider than the center panel, folded those inches in, pinned the fabric to the diaper in a few places, and used a small zig zag stitch all around. 

What do you think of the results?

Here I added a small bit of owly ribbon

Can't wait to make more! :)

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