Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pumpkin Banana Bread

Today was a big cooking day for me.

With just a few weeks of pregnancy left, I am finally off modified bed rest and happily walking for hours every day, and bouncing on my exercise ball. I can feel my muscles toning up, and it feels good to get a leg up on my pre-pregnancy shape. This has also reminded me of how poor my diet has become. Dinner yesterday consisted of a pot of velveeta mixed with a jar of salsa and a pound of ground beef over chips. Some call it nachos; it felt like death to me.

I have also been having lots of sugar cravings. I generally try to satisfy them with bonbons or fruit, but today I made this beautiful, sweet, healthy bread.

I got the idea from a DVD I checked out at the library, called "Growing Green Babies". I found a recipe online, which you can find here. I added raisins, but otherwise followed it word for word. Next time, I will reduce the amount of cloves I add. I am not a clove-ish person! 

Overall, it is really good though.... especially with a little bit of butter :)
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  1. It looks yummy. I would omit the raisins, but I would like to try a piece next week! ;0)