Monday, April 23, 2012



Here are my most recent guilty pleasures....
French Toast with a twist! I used oat nut bread, and sweetened and flavored the eggs with cinnamon, cinnamon sugar, and vanilla sugar. Instead of syrup, I used honey, sliced up a banana, and topped the whole thing off with a bit of powdered sugar. 

\I made this pie for Easter. really, I just assembled it. I used a pre-made graham crust pie , filled it with banana pudding, and topped it with fruit. Yummy!

At Home

I washed my lovely bear Otto for the first time. I feared for his life. He looked devastated for the first 24 hours or so.
                                    My beautiful girl Marla with the googly eyes :)

                 My grandparents-in law sent me some GORGEOUS roses for my 22nd birthday.

In Labor News...

My mom got here a week ago today. She is visiting from Germany. Considering the fact that Liam has been trying to exit since week 30, I was on bed rest for two months and swallowing all kinds of herbal supplements to keep him  in, we are shocked that my mom made it here before him and that I am now at 41 weeks with no bebe. One week has already gone by. Liam HAS to come sson.

I had eight hours of labor on Saturday, with strong contractions coming three minutes apart and lasting 1.5 minutes, but then it all ended with nothing. Hopefully it has at least helped me dilate. The little rascal is still lying posterior, although I have been going to the chiropractor to try and get him turned. A part of me thinks it's not working because I don't really believe it will. My midwife and the chiropractor both told me to think positively, but I don't have a positive bone left in my body. I am so tired, and so uncomfortable. Every part of my body hurts. I am extremely swollen and have a lot of pitting in my legs.

I am just ready to give birth and meet my son.

Today will be the day. I have to believe that.

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